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COVID-19 Modeling


Time Period: COMING SOON

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COVID-19 Modeling

With the COVID-19 pandemic came massive amounts of information, much of which can be false or misleading.


Public officials at PAHO-affiliated Ministries of Health needed tools to identify and respond to misinformation quickly, before its rapid spread through the networks of social media.


WHO/PAHO tasked the Illinois School of Information Sciences to create a proof-of-concept for an Anti-Infodemic Virtual Center, a set of online tools to classify, detect and respond to new information shared through social media.


With our experience in data analytics, visualization and user interface design, we develop and release software with our cancer research collaborators for the community to use. We are building PhyloFlow, a containerized, standardized [4] cancer phylogenetics workflow [Dockstore] that can be extended with new analysis tools and deployed in varied environments by the cancer phylogenetics researchers. The outputs of this workflow are captured for display in our interactive visualization tool, PhyloDiver [prototype], that enables users to explore the evolutionary relationships between cell populations and possible therapeutic implications

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VA Participants

Coming Soon!

Illinois Participants

Ian Brooks, PhD, Research Scientist, Illinois School of Information Sciences, WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center on Information Systems for Health

[Contributions] Information Sciences

Kate McDowell, PhD, Associate Professor, Illinois School of Information Sciences

[Contributions] Storytelling, Information Sciences

PAHO Participants

Miguel Betancourt, MD, MSc, DrPH, Consultant, PAHO

[Contributions] Public Health, Medicine / Healthcare


Felipe Mejia-Medina, Consultant, PAHO

[Contributions] Global health, Health Data, Information Systems

Ailin Tomio, MA, Consultant, PAHO

[Contributions] Applied Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Economics


Funding agency:
Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

Government / Private Sector / Academic:
Government and Academic

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