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Genomix: Interface for Integrating Genomic Test Results into the Clinical Workflow


Time Period: Fall 2019 – Present

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Dashboard widgets show high-level information first and allow user to click for more content at their discretion.


As genomic testing becomes increasingly common in healthcare, clinicians need access to this information for their patients in a way that prioritizes actionable results, enables access to connected data and reports, and integrates existing clinical tools that support decision making.


While the majority of patients today, do not have genetic test results, this is changing. Genetic testing is becoming more affordable and more critical to comprehensive patient care. 

As genetic test results are added to patient records, they are often located in different places within the EHR and it can be difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s  genetic profile. [also anything to say about the way actionable information is buried in long narratives?] Moreover, clinicians of differing specialties have different needs and preferences when reviewing genetic labs information.


VA and Mayo Clinic are collaborating on technology that supports clinicians by providing a single platform/interface to view all of a patient’s genetic test results. This platform is designed to emphasize the most important information,  connect the dots among discrete results to facilitate comprehension, improve efficiencies, and enable customizable workflows for different user profiles.


VA is designing and coding the frontend for this software in collaboration with Mayo IT professionals. Together we are imagining interfaces that address problems of information overload, user preferences, differing workflows and pain points that we are learning from our users.  This software is already integrated into clinical practice via Mayo’s EHR system and continues to grow as we respond to users’ needs

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Dashboard widget displaying genomic indicators for PGx genes

VA Participants

Matt Berry, Lead Developer 


Lisa Gatzke, Lead UIX Designer

Chad Olson, Frontend Developer


Dipannita Dey, Developer

Jessica Saw, Research Scientist / Domain Expert

Mayo Participants

Robert R. Freimuth, Ph.D, Mayo Clinic, Project PI [lab]

Sahana Murthy,  Project Manager, Mayo Clinic

Jamie Bruflat, Business Analyst, Mayo Clinic

Scott Hogan, Business Analyst, Mayo Clinic

Mayo Contribution

The VA group has been fortunate to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on many projects that span both research and clinical practice. Our collaborations often involve designers, research scientists and developers on the NCSA side to enable rapid engagement and understanding of the problems that the software seeks to solve and solutions that stem from a multi-disciplinary perspective.


Funding agency:
Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic

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