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Lisa Gatzke

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Visualization Design, Information Design, User Testing

I have worked closely for years with researchers and engineers to establish a robust process for ideation, design and production of software interfaces and visualization components that are user-centered, innovative, and scalable---especially in regard to the unique needs of visual analytics applications for biomedical data. In planning stages, I am skilled in eliciting and clarifying requirements by helping potential users identify the primary user profiles and user stories and then conceptualizing interfaces and visualizations that best support those users and their needs.


During the production phases, I employ industry standard best practices to create high fidelity designs that are shared with the development team using tools and technologies that facilitate iteration, feedback and communication among all stakeholders. I consider it a privilege and honor to participate in creating software for scientists that improves their work experience and helps enable discovery.





PLOS Biology


PEARC ’19. Association for Computing Machinery


The FASEB Journal


Farmdoc daily

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Introducing the cover crop decision support tool • farmdoc daily. farmdoc daily.


Genomix - Project Leader

Flu-COVID- Project Leader

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