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Chad Olson

Senior Research Software Engineer
Frontend design and development

With one foot in advertising, another foot in the start-up world, another foot in frontend design and development, and the other foot in photography and videography, it's clear that I haven't figured out what I want to do when I grow up (besides being very awkward on the dance floor having four feet!).


What I do know is that I enjoy solving problems and learning new things along the way.


Ok, I'll admit it, I started pre-Y2K and over those years have helped start-up companies brainstorm early concepts still in the napkin phase, been involved with anything UI/UX design, assisted with brand and marketing campaigns, love pushing pixels around the screen (motion / animation), and programmed the frontend applications. Along the way, I was given the opportunity to explore my passion for photography and video (feel free to ask about my IMDB credit for butterfly wrangler) and recently helped out on an independent full feature film.


Someday, I plan on designing an interface that has no buttons (at least not in the traditional sense). Until then, I'll keep trying to convince someone that my homemade bread making or kayaking skills are kneaded on a project.





PLOS Biology


PEARC ’19. Association for Computing Machinery


The FASEB Journal


Farmdoc daily

Murphy WJ, Larkin DM, Wind AE der, et al. Dynamics of mammalian chromosome evolution inferred from multispecies comparative maps. Science. 2005;309(5734):613-617.

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Satheesan SP, Bhattarai R, Bradley S, et al. Extensible framework for analysis of farm practices and programs. In: Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing on Rise of the Machines (Learning). PEARC ’19. Association for Computing Machinery; 2019:1–8.

Guetterman H, Auvil L, Russell N, et al. Utilizing machine learning approaches to understand the interrelationship of diet, the human gastrointestinal microbiome, and health. The FASEB Journal.


Mayo Clinic - Frontend development for various BIG data visualization projects

Molecule Maker - Animating moustaches, flying molecule characters, and other frontend shenanigans

Pixsure - Rapid prototyping, voice command research, and frontend design / development

PyloDiver - Rapid prototyping and frontend development

CONNECT- User stories, brainstorming, design, concept development, and early frontend concepts

EarthCube - Frontend styling

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